With a patent-pending design leading the market, TM Lighting’s MasterLight is its next generation picture light ensuring precise artwork illumination. Its adjustable head can be rotated to direct light at the precise angle to the artwork, while the front cowl rotates independently of the light fixture preventing direct glare from the light and the rear louvre prevents the spill of light onto the wall.  This contributes to greater flexibility for lighting art with one of the market’s smallest picture lights. Catering to diverse architectural aesthetics and individual design preferences, the MasterLight is available in three slender profiles – Classic, Square, and Round.

Utilising local manufacturing and recycled materials, the MasterLight is a modular high-performance miniature LED picture light that comfortably lights canvases of 4 metres in height. With a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 97+, the MasterLight faithfully reproduces the colours and textures of the artworks without the damaging elements such as infra-red, heat and ultraviolet. Combining a sleek minimal aesthetic with the optical performance of larger picture lights, it can light any canvas size thanks to variable product widths, adjustable arm height and modular features. It offers incomparable glare control and targeted light distribution without compromising on optical performance.

Mounted to the rear of the frame are the picture light’s bracket and driver. The bracket allows you to remove the light fixture without taking down the artwork, a crucial function in case of fire salvage. Available in a variety of dimming protocols, it includes a local dimming function enabling each artwork to be individually dimmed to precise conservation levels.

Adhering to TM Lighting’s 3C’s methodology, the MasterLight ensures high Colour Rendition to express the artworks’ truest colours and vibrancy; Colour Temperature that considers the immediate environment and the nature of the artwork being lit; and Colour Consistency of two MacAdams ellipse.

Designed to inspire a more profound encounter with the world’s great masterpieces, the MasterLight transforms internationally significant art collections providing museum-grade lighting. It now lights prominent works at London’s historic Kenwood House, including Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait with Two Circles (c. 1665) and Johannes Vermeer’s The Guitar Player (c. 1672).

The fine tuning of the MasterLight’s features enables the light to be tailored individually to each artwork enhancing certain pieces giving them more prominence in the space. In some collections, specific artworks absorb light differently, with some requiring more illumination than others. The MasterLight offers individualised control, enhancing flexibility in illuminating an art collection.

The introduction of the MasterLight at Kenwood House has advanced English Heritage’s sustainability initiatives by improving the energy efficiency of the collection’s lighting. Previously, it took 1000 watts to illuminate the collection, but TM’s new lighting solution accomplishes a more effective even wash of light on the artworks with less than 250 watts reducing operational costs for the house and contributing to its ongoing journey towards greater environmental sustainability.

The MasterLight’s blend of innovative technology and cutting-edge design allow any art collection to take centre stage while the lighting integrates seamlessly with its surroundings.

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