Massimo Osti Archive, after several years, decided to renew the environment with a new lighting solution, entrusting the task to the Milanese lighting design firm D’Alesio&Santoro who brought back to life the garments that had passed into a “lost” under the barrel vaults of the archive.

Massimo Osti left a huge legacy along with a vast and complicated inventory made of his own creations, items that he obsessively collected and unfinished projects. Re-organized by his family members, the archive based in Bologna now counts on a collection of more than 5.000 garments, accessories, lab dips, fabric samples and an extended library of magazine, books and prints.

The aim of the new light design is to enhance the colour renditions and the texture of the garments, paying attention not only to the light but also to the surrounding environment. Worthy of note is also and above all the redevelopment implemented by D’Alesio&Santoro for the vaulted roofing: completely clean from any interference and painted white from the columns capitals upwards, towards the ceiling, it contrasts with the live brick walls below.

The vaults in the central span now serve as large reflectors of diffused lights.

An “ethereal” cleanliness given by this shade that thus balances a chromatic “chaos” that plays forcefully is present, considering the original architecture and the type of samples on display.

The concept focused a lot on the light distribution mode, mixing it between direct, indirect and narrow beams. This gives a good perception of the spaces, optimal visibility and a touch of museum drama; also interesting is the use of micro-linear LEDs applied to the metal racks, designed as cuts of light that give movement and depth to the hanging garments.

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