The Martin Exterior Linear Pro Series is a range of efficient, compact, LED-based outdoor and indoor architectural fixtures. With low power consumption and powerful lumen output, they are both highly efficient and incredibly impactful, perfect for direct and indirect illumination of walls and ceilings and textured and decorative surfaces.

* Installation friendly with various bracket options, a hybrid cable & site adjustable optics.
* Up to 52m of fittings in a chain with a lead-in of an additional 100m.
* Three fixture types: Graze, Cove and Direct View.
* Colour & Dynamic White options.
* Quad LED’s using camera colour-calibrated LEDs with Colour-boost technology.
* Adjustable CCT on the colour versions from 1000K-12000K.
* Segment control down to 150mm sections.
* Multiple power modes (12/10/5W, for ASHRAE compliance) via RDM.

The Series is available in Cove, Graze and Direct View (DV) models as well as QUAD and CTC light engines and in 1-foot and 4-foot lengths, to meet a wide range of architectural linear lighting requirements.

All models feature a robust housing for permanent outdoor and indoor installations and are easy to install due to an integrated universal power supply. The are controlled via RDM/DMX and packed with intelligent features, such as multiple power modes, multiple segment modes, QUAD colour boosting, and stand-alone functionality.

With a high focus on sustainability, Exterior Linear Pro lights can be daisy-chained using a combined power and data connector, enabling long fixture runs for simpler infrastructures. Simple beam angle changeability makes late design changes and on-site adjustments easy, and a smart mounting plate design allows for a range of standard or custom bracket solutions.

The slim design makes these lights easier to integrate into architectural elements with less structural requirements and all models are shipped in FSC certified packaging.

Exterior Linear Pro fixtures are ideal for architects, system integrators, electrical contractors and other professionals needing striking linear lighting of stadiums and arenas, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, casinos, bridges, tunnels, or other applications needing similar lighting enhancements.

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