The Monasty Hotel is the latest hotel in the Marriott Autograph series, the first international branded five star hotel in the centre of Thessaloniki. It is sited near the iconic Aristotelous Square and is adjacent to the Saint Theodora Convent which was the principal inspiration for its design and architectural identity.

The architectural design was undertaken by D2C2 architects and DelBlu Architetti, whereas the interior design was the work of the locally based Not Another Number Architects.

The Hotel’s interior is defined by minimal architectural volumes and forms, as well as an earthly colour palette and textures that evoke the ecclesiastical environment.

The lighting of the interior picks up these same design cues from the architecture and is discreet yet atmospheric, accenting the materiality of the surfaces and enhancing the atmosphere, always nodding to the ecclesiastical references and inspiration.

The soft ambience, warm colours and subdued intensity of the light sources create a mysterious, yet comfortable space, full of mystique and captivating details.

Circulation lighting tends to reference the ecclesiastical cloysters and shifts as the day progresses to warmer tones, reflecting the time of day in the mood and atmosphere of the light.

The Guestrooms themselves stand out for their striking architecture, providing subtle yet intricate details that are accented by light. Several lighting layers are utilized to provide the guestrooms with flexibility in use and to match the guest mood.

A great number of unique fixtures were designed for use in the guestrooms and in the public areas to reinforce the ecclesiastical spirit of the design and provide a special decorative touch were required.

The exterior of the hotel, already deeply embedded within the urban central area of Thessaloniki was illuminated in a discreet yet striking manner, carefully reinforcing its architectural qualities, whilst presenting a warm, inviting environment.

All lighting equipment is controlled by a sophisticated architectural lighting control system, ensuring low power consumption and maximum flexibility in use by the operator.

Already a prominent landmark in the Thessaloniki nightscape, Monasty is a unique hotel, full of character, lovely spaces and venues, a truly special place to visit.

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