The fifth edition of the Maison Diez Company Exhibition is held in the dynamic San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhood of Mexico City for its second consecutive year, this initiative, led by Diez Company, encapsulates a groundbreaking fusion of art, spirituality, and contemporary design.

Our project revolves around the deliberate curation of a “religious” and “spiritual” encounter, seamlessly integrating compelling art and lighting installations. Emphasizing the interplay of art and light, strategically placed lighting installations recreate a sacred ambiance, offering visitors an immersive and transformative experience.

This project features an innovative collaboration with Santa & Cole, a leading Spanish design brand. Through the Neoseries collaboration and reproduction rights, images of art from the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid enrich the exhibition, adding cultural depth and artistic significance.

Our project underscores the pivotal role of lighting, showcasing installations by globally recognized designers such as Lucie Koldova, Tom Dixon, Omer Arbel, Mandalaki Studio, Zsuzsanna Horvath and Yabu & Pushelberg. These luminous creations not only illuminate the space but elevate the overall experience, seamlessly merging artistic expression with cutting-edge design.

The Maison Diez Company Exhibition stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. This venture represents a transformative journey into the realms of art and illumination, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design.

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