This decorative outdoor fixture comes in two sizes, and it can be placed in two distinct ways – either hanging from a tree branch from its leather straps, or simply resting on the ground.

Its shape was inspired by the ‘madrone’, which is the fruit of the Arbutus tree, and the geometrical proportions of an icosahedron. Lighting-wise, the fixture is intended to project light alongside a leave-inspired shadow pattern, allowing designers to light gardens and natural environments in a much more natural way. To achieve this effect, each triangular face of the icosathedron has been laser cut to include a geometrical pattern that resembles tree leaves.

The material employed is a thin sheet of ‘cor-ten’ steel, and a damp-proof E27 socket. Manufacturing is fully handcrafted, allowing end users to adjust the light and shadow effects on each of the Madrone’s icosahedron faces. This can be easily done by customising the aperture degree on each of the ‘leave-like’ openings that have been cut out of the triangular faces.

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