MAC ONE, redefines compact moving heads for architectural installations. This fixture isn’t just a marvel; it’s a revolution in Beam, Wash, and Eye-Candy lighting. With its spellbinding Fresnel lens, MAC ONE transforms any space or event into an extraordinary visual spectacle. Light, compact, and endlessly adaptable, it sets a new standard for dynamic lighting.

MAC ONE excels in three core areas. First, its narrow, high-intensity beam delivers robust and vibrant aerial effects comparable to larger fixtures. Then, its versatile Fresnel lens offers a 4 to 27-degree zoom range, producing seamless transitions and captivating visual effects. And the pièce de résistance is an innovative backlight system housing 24 RGB effect LEDs within the lens, guaranteeing show-stopping visual experiences.

Boasting an impressive 2,400 lm output and a narrow beam intensity of 300,000 cd, MAC ONE outshines competitors in its category. Fueled by a custom-developed 120W RGBL LED engine, it ensures superior light quality (CRI, TM-30, TLCI), appealing to discerning lighting designers.

What truly distinguishes MAC ONE is its innovative fusion of features within an incredibly compact, low-weight form. Easy to handle and manage, it unleashes boundless creative possibilities for lighting designers and users alike, without constraints on weight or space.

Compatibility is seamless; MAC ONE can be effortlessly driven with DMX, Art-Net, sACN, and Martin P3 video control systems, integrating into any lighting setup.

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