Combining advanced multi-channel LED technology and precision optics, the LuxEOS range from Pulsar has been designed to deliver exceptional quality of light and performance. Perfectly suited to a wide range of exterior applications, from floodlighting to distance projection, LuxEOS has been engineered to Pulsar’s exacting standards and constructed to withstand the toughest environments.

LuxEOS solutions are available in multiple sizes and with a choice of colour-changing LED sources, including RGBW, RGBA and Tunable White.

Powered by QuadCORE LED™ Technology which expands the colour gamut, LuxEOS offers an extensive array of hues, from vivid saturated colours to subtle pastel shades. The addition of precisely defined white LED chips in LuxEOS solutions ensures accurate colour temperatures are achieved, resulting in a high CRI (90+) illumination.

Furthermore, by hot binning its LEDs, Pulsar can maintain colour and white consistency within 3 SDCM in LuxEOS, even at higher ambient temperatures found in warmer climates.

LuxEOS utilises Pulsar’s Holographic Beam Shaping™ technology to maximise the luminaire’s optical performance, whilst ensuring light is directed only as required. The advanced optical system enables a wide variety of symmetrical and elliptical beam distributions 3° to 80°. Meanwhile, the use of high-powered LEDs and Pulsar’s dynamic power management system, LuxRAMP™, ensures LuxEOS achieves a high luminous flux, delivering peak intensities of over 1,000,000cd.

This is underpinned by a robust aluminium exterior housing and toughened glass optical cover, ensuring LuxEOS is able to endure the most challenging environments. This includes marine locations thanks to a corrosion-resistant outer coating. Internal thermal management, coupled with a passive heatsink design, ensures product reliability and longevity.

With dynamic lighting systems, their ability to seamlessly transition between scenes is essential, however the speed and magnitude of these changes can sometimes lead to visible steps in light intensity. To combat this, LuxEOS features Pulsar’s InterBIT Smoothing™ technology which offers precision dimming, leading to smoother fades and transitions.

LuxEOS luminaires also harness the power of DMX. Thanks to the speed and robustness of this lighting control protocol, for schemes that feature multiple fixtures, any changes will remain synchronised.

LuxEOS offers a streamlined installation process with the introduction of QuickLINK+™; an intuitive plug-and-play system that allows wiring to be completed during the first fix stage. With QuickLINK+, a single IP68 connector carries both power and data to the luminaire, helping to maximise ingress protection. Once installed, LuxEOS is easy to commission using RDM and the luminaires can be locked in pan and tilt to maintain the focal position of the light. Optional mounting plates are also available to further aid with installation.

The LuxEOS range has been bolstered with a new inground version, which combines ease of install with reliability. As with the wider LuxEOS portfolio, the new inground solution delivers superior light quality – CRI (90+) illumination – and excellent colour consistency. This is coupled with outstanding performance, a robust design with a high IP rating and static loading, all with seamless control capabilities.

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