LEDs provide designers and specifiers with the freedom to adapt a luminaire’s light output to the functional, aesthetic, physiological and psychological needs of the user. Dimming is the most widely used control function and one that is difficult to get right. This is because of a common but undesirable characteristic of traditional LEDs: in any typical reel of supposedly identical LEDs shipped to a luminaire manufacturer, the flux (brightness) of one, or a string of LEDs, when dimmed, will be visibly different from the flux of its neighbour, even though both are connected to the same driver.

To avoid the visible shading effect, fixture manufacturers have either had to implement complicated engineering fixes that increase design complexity, add production cost, reduce manufacturing throughput, or to laboriously test every incoming shipment of LEDs and allocate them to flux bins at the expense of production efficiency and inventory flexibility.

The new LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Deep Dimming LED eliminates the need for any such workaround, offering perfect flux consistency from LED to LED across the entire dimming range from 100% intensity to 1% deep dimming without sacrificing production efficiency in any way.

The product also benefits from an amazingly consistent forward voltage value of 2.71V ±0.05V, which helps fixture manufacturers by narrowing the operating voltage range that the driver has to cover, thereby simplifying the system’s power design. Further, the colour spread is also limited to within 3SDCM.

The introduction of the LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Deep Dimming product shows that it is always possible to conceive of a better LED. In this case, LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Deep Dimming LED reduces complexity and cost and, perhaps most importantly, results in a better solution that lighting designers can specify with confidence and that end-users will appreciate.

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