Luna sphere – connected in light

Luna transforms the “Chapel of Music”, a building designed by Chinese architect Don Gong in China’s Yougi Bay, into the impressive “Chapel of Light”.

In the 9-metre-high meditation rotunda, the centre of the building, Luna sphere becomes a magical solitaire and combines grand architecture with delicate magic as an impressive centerpiece. As an installation of 61 Luna sospeso, it fills the room and touches the observer’s senses. Luna sphere invites you to consciously pause and immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere of light, air and sound.

Luna sospeso

Shimmering with sensuality and mystery, the pendant luminaire Luna sospeso transforms a space into a place of beauty and light. The revolutionary Occhio ‘fireball’ light source floats almost magically in the partially mirrored glass sphere like a celestial body. Luna rarely comes alone – its playful power unfolds in the group.

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