Inspired by the moon: Luna from Occhio

Luna – at first glance it may appear as sensual and mysterious as the moon, but a closer look reveals a lighting technology masterpiece. This synthesis of classical shapes, new stylish finishes, surprising lighting effects and state-of-the-art technology is unparalleled. The Luna glass luminaire series opens up completely new areas of use and is already inspiring the world of design.

Shimmering with sensuality and mystery, Luna transforms a space into a place of beauty and light. The revolutionary Occhio ‘fireball’ light source floats almost magically, like a heavenly body, in the partially mirrored glass sphere, creating a soft, directed light that is at once powerful and glare-free. Luna combines classical design with innovative technology from Occhio, taking the light experience to a whole new level.

Luna creates unique lighting ambiences that can be changed at any time. An intuitive gesture or the Occhio air app is all that’s needed to switch Luna on and off, dim the light or change the colour temperature. From an inviting warm light to a stimulating cool light, the luminaires can create many very different, impressive lighting moods.

With the new, comprehensive glass lighting series comprising wall, ceiling, table and suspended luminaires, Occhio makes a style statement.

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