With its clean-cut, minimalist design, Dean Skira’s Lun-Up Evo is the new, elegant recessed solution for ground or floor installation, designed to light only where necessary and integrate perfectly with the architecture.

Enhanced by the transparency of the glass, the smile shape of Lun-Up Evo is enhanced by the light it gives off, creating a grazing effect suitable for any height. By combining several Lun-Up Evos, starting with the original shape (a quarter of a circle), you can create a semi-circle, a whole circle or open up the line and create a wavy rhythm of light, guaranteeing a soft, even lighting of columns, trees and bushes.

Thanks to the Opti Beam patented optics technology, the product offers maximum visual comfort and guarantees two distributions with Flood and Wide-Flood optics. The lighting unit, that can be easily dismantled, is manufactured using high performance PPS (polyphenylene sulphide) thermal plastic while the adoption of cables with waterstop system and IP68 connectors make the equipment extremely resistant to external agents like water and dust.

Lastly, with BLE-DALI interface, Lun-Up Evo can easily be controlled from a Bluetooth device.

Ideal for urban and residential settings.

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