Tryka are delighted to present the brand new LuminNode Pixel LED. This innovative fixture offers an ultra-lightweight design and compact dimensions that ensure a discreet installation. Not only does it offer a sleek and subtle integration, it also can be made-to-measure to suit the specific needs of any project.
This new flexible solution from Tryka offers the perfect lighting for architectural, entertainment, or general lighting application areas.

To the untrained eye one may be fooled by the subtle and simple façade, but the technical detail is outstanding. The Tryka LumiNode Pixel LED is available as a full-colour RGBW solution. Designed to suit a 30mm aperture for a panelised installation.
Manufactured from an IP68 sealed, injection moulded clear body with sprung ears for direct panel mounting to a 30mm aperture. The LED Node strings to a limit of 128 pieces per string. Pre-linked injection moulded cables link the LED nodes, available with custom LED pixel pitch.

Tryka LumiNode can be used as a string of fixtures with individually controllable point sources. Additionally, when partnered with Artnet DMX to SPI control protocol it allows control for decorative lighting, architectural and full image/video playback effects.

The LumiNode product helps create a truly stunning LED façade, illuminating any project into an instantly eye-catching and awe-inspiring vision.

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