As an industry, the term Human Centric Lighting is no stranger to us.

The movement has grown in prominence over the last decade and has delivered results that range from outstanding to questionable.

We are entering a new era of HCL with LumiNature from Sylvania delivered through its range of Concord luminaires. It simply recreates sunlight – We call it Human Tailored Lighting.

LumiNature is LED technology that finally delivers a light that comes close to natural daylight. Through an excellent CRI>97, including R9>90, which provides true colour representation across the full colour spectrum along with a high Melanopic Ratio that is required to stimulate the human brain in the same way as natural daylight.

Why Human Tailored lighting?

Research has proven that natural light is vital for our wellbeing, health, and productivity. As our lives have moved more and more indoors, the idea to reproduce natural light inside has become the greatest challenge for many lighting companies.

LumiNature contributes to your body’s health cycle by helping to regulate physiological responses throughout the day by linking a building occupant to the natural world.
This helps to ignite the human responses required for improved sleep, stronger productivity, and better health. Working in conjunction with your biological clock, it regulates a beneficial melanopic ratio throughout the day.

Can you recreate daylight?

The answer is no. But you can get very close. It may sound simple, but not every manufacturer can do it – Eliminate the blue peak which is inherent in LED technology, but not present in natural daylight. LumiNature lighting technology delivers a complete and balanced spectral distribution with all colours of light more evenly represented while eliminating the blue peak. This produces a natural, full-spectrum artificial light that enriches the colour of its surroundings and removes a major contributor to disturbed health cycles. Combine this with Concord’s class-leading low glare (UGR <16) optical solutions, with exceptional low flicker rates (<5%), and you have enhanced occupant comfort – just like being outside on a sunny day.

Excellent colour rendering for which applications?

The answer is any indoor space can be improved for users by using LumiNature. From the most authentic colours in commercial applications to tunable white for concentration and creativity in the workplace and healing light for health care applications.

Delivered in our leading luminaires

LumiNature is integrated into Sylvania’s leading luminaires under the Concord brand, such as the popular Ascent 100 downlight or Optix modular luminaires, providing visual comfort, light quality, and maximum efficiency.
Its complete spectral curve, eliminated blue peak, and truest colours make it one of the most natural, artificial lights.

With custom control

LumiNature combined with Sylvania’s wireless SylSmart Standalone system provides dynamic light 100% adapted to the circadian rhythm of a day from sunrise, to midday and back to sunset. This enables dimmable, auto adjusting tunable white light that respects the human body’s circadian rhythm and allows complete optimisation and flexibility. Control and convenience are in your hands.

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