As a lighting designer, how do you convince a customer for a suitable product or planning idea?

You have it in your mind, but sharing your imagination is not easy…

How about a tool that facilitates instant sampling?

Inspiration cannot wait for samples.

Sharing your ideas is not enough, show them instantly and discuss thoughts with your clients

LuminAiRe is a manufacturer-independent augmented reality solution for displaying luminaires and their lighting effects.

Manufacturers implement their product ranges in the app, and planners can also have their own special solutions inserted.

Lighting professionals have access to products from a wide range of manufacturers and benefit from the possibility to illustrate their planning idea and individual products with the help of augmented reality samples.
Have you found an interesting product on a manufacturer’s website during your product research?

In future, a QR code will start the AR session and show the luminaire and its lighting effect.

Time-consuming sampling, including all ecological aspects such as logistics and disposal of sample luminaires after a few uses, will become obsolete.

Do you have a question about a product?

One click soon takes you from the app to the manufacturer’s product page and names the next contact person.

As a digital showroom, LuminAiRe evolves lighting design and the marketing of luminaires.

Available for Android and Apple devices.

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