Lumami® Personal Light for the workplace

Using the same miniaturised profile of just 16.4mm diameter as LTwo®, APL have launched a desk lamp, Lumami®. Lumami® achieves maximum functionality whilst using a minimum of resources.

Interchangeable head

This minimalist task luminaire weighs just 4.3kgs. It offers an interchangeable head for future use/installations which can easily be demounted with the same magnetic socket holder as the pendant LTwo®version. This separate light source LTwo® (3000K and 4000 K) comes with a specially developed asymmetric-batwing optic, in lengths 840mm and 1400mm. The overall design integrates seamlessly into the workplace. It can be free standing or clamped onto the desk with its refined dimensions and offers excellent technical credentials.

The linear luminaire head of Lumami® offers the advantages of illumination of pendant luminaires, which according to indepth studies provide the best workplace lighting. This high performance complies with DIN standard EN 12464-1.

Ideal uniformity

The special developed optic for Lumami® DESK enables uniform illumination of the entire workspace. The requirements of EN 12464-1 are met through illumination of the direct work surface (up to >750 lux), and the adjacent work surfaces (>300 lux), as well as the UGR (<16). In addition, the lamp can still be tilted by +/- 20 degrees (in 5-degree increments) when installed. This ensures additional lighting comfort through individual alignment. This uniform illumination also minimises any problems of shadowing, according to DIN-EN 12464-1.

Individual control

The individual control and the presence sensor protect from unnecessary energy consumption. The luminaire head comes with integrated presence detector. Without presence, the light is dimmed to 10% of. the total power after 15 minutes. After a total of 30 minutes, the light turns off automatically. A Separate dim-wheel is available for switching on and off and regulate the light intensity. It can be dimmed between 10%-100% (the dim-wheel is already preconfigured for
tuneable white versions to adjust the colour temperature). User comfort and health is prioritised in the overall design.

Red Dot Design Award

As with its APL sister product LTwo®, Lumami® is already the recipient of the Red Dot Award.

Architectural FX is the sole distributor of LTwo® products in the UK.

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