The stunning Lucciole range from formalighting provides elegant effects and can give a touch of summer magic and sophistication to any room. Inspired by a firefly’s natural glow, the light of a Lucciole fixture is subtle and pure, emitted from multi-faceted, organic shapes and volumes.

Lucciole has been developed to be a fully encompassing lighting system that provides elegant effects. It is ideal for environments where the decorative aspect of a setting also has a scenic function, such as residential, hotels, restaurants, retail and corridors.

Lucciole is available in different fitting options – ceiling, wall, pendant and pendant from a low voltage track, as well as in a cordless, re-chargeable table lamp. The range’s light heads and spherical parts of the lamps are made from non-toxic, recyclable, highly transparent acrylic glass. This emits and refracts the LED light source. There are four different shapes to choose from.

For the pendant, ceiling and wall-mounted solutions, a functional but overwhelmingly stylish chrome-plated base enhances the design and houses the advanced LED lighting technology.

The pendant suspension solution the round chrome-plated fixture body measures a 95mm diameter, which not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures durability. Supplied with a suspension cable of 2200mm, the pendant can be adjusted to suit the needs of each project. The ceiling mounted option also encompasses the 95mm diameter fixture.

The wall-mounted Lucciole luminaire features a designer-look L-shaped fixture body of 95×160mm.

The Low Voltage Track option is a classic and elegant pendant solution. It features an integrated track adaptor, and mounts the decorative lamps using suspension cables of 1500mm (max). The installation process is also remarkably easy.

The IP54, cordless, table lamp option has a built-in rechargeable battery that can use both USB or wireless recharging option. The base has integrated touch dimming controls, to adjust for any dining mood.

Lucciole’s base can be specified in six chic colours – black, white, gold, chrome polished, bronze, brass. With a dim to warm LED, Lucciole perfectly accompanies the circadian rhythm which has multiple health and wellbeing benefits. And the CRI>90 offers a superior light quality.

Compositional freedom is maximised as designers can choose to create multiple suspensions to style these timeless luminaires in so many different ways. Scenes can be set through formalighting’s Casambi controlled app.

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