LTwo® A lego of luminaires which can click, connect and swivel in any direction.
Lego toolbox of luminaires

Thinking outside-of-the box, APL have created a versatile system like a “LEGO toolbox”. With a miniaturised profile of just 16.4mm diameter and 13 high quality precision optics in the same form factor and socket system, LTwo® is intuitive and easy to install. The 13 optics include 10°, 13°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°, batwing wide, batwing linear, 15°x 40°, oval, clear, diffuse, and opal (lambertian). Colour rendering is ≥92 as standard and available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K,
4000K, 5000K and tuneable white. Special paint finishes can be made available in addition to the standard white (RAL 9016) and black (RAL 9005).
Interchangeable optics

A new, innovative and patented magnetic luminaire holder supports easy installation and makes LTwo® interchangeable. This socket allows for easy, tool-free, magnetic installation and angle adjustment in +/-20°, as well as interlocking. The socket is coded to allow safe operation of luminaires with different operating currents in constant voltage or constant current.

The range is available in 140, 280, 560, 840, 1120, 1400, 1680 and 1960mm length with a lumen output of 3000 lm/m. It is optimised for building and material integration of all types. Material usage is minimal at 180g/m and replaceability, recyclability and high efficiency (up to 180lm/W) make LTwo® very sustainable.
Custom solutions

LTwo® is also highly customisable and this is where Architectural FX offer just the right fit as UK partners. They see endless possibilities to accessorize and adapt the range to answer many lighting challenges.

LTwo® is already the recipient of the Red Dot Award.

Architectural FX is the sole distributor of LTwo® products in the UK.

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