LR Spektd is a cloud-based lighting specification platform – the functionality of which was seen as an impossibility for many years. However, thanks to the tenacity and belief of its three founders, LR Spektd is now positioned to revolutionise the lighting design process for designers and the selling process for manufacturers.

Its functionality holds the key to streamlining key business processes, allowing for considerable time and cost savings while supporting the production of the highest quality lighting schemes that adhere to the exact specification of the designer – from sustainability goals to light quality, and over 70 variables in between. It has been conservatively estimated by numerous lighting designers that LR Spektd has the potential to reduce project work time by 15 to 20%.

Our vision and mission for customers at Lighting Reality – owner of LR Spektd since October 2023 – is to enable the lighting industry to do more, in less time, with fewer resources. LR Spektd embodies this mission: We are immensely proud of the product and excited to see it realise its potential in the industry, particularly following its relaunch to market.

Designer Benefits

LR Spektd is a solution that sits in the centre of the Venn diagram of lighting designer key issues. Not only does LR Spektd enable designers to locate optimal products in seconds, tailored to their exact requirements, it also creates detailed specification documentation for each project in Word, Excel and CSV – all branded to the designer’s own firm and fully editable. It allows designers to refer back to previous projects to re-specify a product: However, rather than copying and pasting details and data that might be incorrect, LR Spektd’s software makes it quick and simple to update the selected products to ensure accuracy of documentation. Furthermore, LR Spektd is free for designers to use.

The resultant benefits from these functions are considerable time and cost savings – almost eliminating the time spent on non-value-add operations. The platform allows designers to spend more time on developing innovative concepts and winning new business – the things that really add value to lighting design practices. In a profession not blessed with particularly large profit margins, LR Spektd releases designers to do what they love to do more efficiently than ever before.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with lighting designers praising the ease of use and speed of the functionality.

LR Spektd’s requires a critical mass of product data – so every effort is being made to add more quality manufacturers to LR Spektd’s ranks, in order to continue providing a revolutionary service to the industry. That said, we know that designers only want access to quality manufacturers, which is reflected in the manufacturers invited to join the platform.

Lighting designers can search by brand or range of product attributes, generating a curated selection of product families with matching search criteria. Searches can be refined further, using one of the 70 individual specification elements, from dimensions, CRI, control systems, finish, recess depth, beam angle, to name a few. Products can also be searched for by TM66 scores, which has become a hugely valuable topic for designers in recent times.

In the product profile, LR Spektd highlight differences between products selected, with individual, standardised data sheets available for each product variant. Designed to be ergonomically sound and easy to navigate, designers will always find the product info in the same place within each individual profile.

LR Spektd also enables a bank of projects to be saved within it, via its cloud-based system. Each project can be copied, tailored and referenced easily, and designers can amend their specifications in line with customer requirements.
When designers make a modification to a listed product, the system flags it to remind them to check the specification to ensure they are correct. Should a desired standard or bespoke product not be available on the platform, it can be imported in to projects by the designer.

Functionality to Benefit Manufacturers

Signing up to LR Spektd provides increased visibility with designers – for both the brand and its products – in a highly efficient and targeted way when compared with other traditional marketing activities. Although it is not LR Spektd’s intention or role to bypass the need for other brand activity, it enables OEMs to have an opportunity to get their products in front of specifiers – no matter their size or profile. Our platform provides the unique opportunity to connect these OEMs with their target audience in one of the most efficient and productive settings imaginable.

Manufacturers are encouraged to upload as many images, data files and assets, to help designers find what they need from the product profiles.

As well as sharing in-depth product details and parameters from over 70 specification fields – in order to align exactly with the designer’s requirements – manufacturer details are also made available via an easy-contact button, so that designers can check additional details with them, direct. LR Spektd not only helps to forge new relationships from scratch, the platform facilitates an ease of communication that will lead to longevity.

As well as a contact tab, there are also query, feedback and sample request buttons – smoothing the process and making it as easy as possible for designers to obtain what they need from manufacturers. Manufacturers each have their own brand page on the platform, where designers can find direct links to their website and a list of their unique specialisms.

Bridging the contact between OEMs and designers has the potential to save the industry game-changing amounts of money and time – enabling manufacturers to raise the profile of their products and brand with their key audience, without the need for the drawn-out courtship process that can often come with fostering these vital relationships. Similarly, it releases lighting designers to focus on creating inspirational concepts and find new business, making their practices more efficient and their working-lives more enjoyable.

We believe that LR Spektd and the opportunities it possesses, will play a big part in securing secure the future of the lighting industry by creating greater productivity and increased profitability.

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