The Lotus Lake is a one-of-a-kind object d’art and is part of ‘The Lakes’ collection. Designed to shine a light on the alarming state of freshwater lakes around the world, Lotus Lake is draws inspiration from the current state and shape of freshwater Lake Doiran (Greece, North Macadonia).

Made entirely by hand, the Lotus Lake symbolizes a harmonious alternative future. The piece explores the play of light and colour through its 17 silk shades which can move individually from each other, while the mirrored stainless steel structure evokes the presence of water. Integrated with the latest technology, Albi Serfaty kept loyalty to the brand, working with the studio’s signature silk, maintaining the organic nature that is distinct to the studio.

For Aqua Creations, light has always been a powerful medium to evoke emotions. At our studio, we use light to create new ways of understanding the relationships with our surroundings and the world around us. For the past 30 years, we have been inspired by the beauty and diversity of nature, particularly underwater life. Now, it is time to give back.

The Lotus Lake features a new technology developed within the studio: the ultra thin shades that are covered with pleated silk illuminate a space without disclosing its light source. The shades have the option of featuring a different silk color on each side, and brings a luminous glow that creates the Lotus’ own colored background. The highly customizable pieces are a technical achievement that opens a horizon of design possibilities.

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