As a main gateway from Vancouver’s North Shore to the Downtown Core, this bus exchange is a highly trafficked entry way to the passenger- only ferry that traverses the Burrard Inlet. As part of a complete update to the 8- bay bus exchange, luminaires were upgraded to create an improved traveller experience, increase driver and pedestrian safety, and invoke a sense of arrival for passengers.

Upgrading fluorescent and metal halide luminaires to static LED, RGB, and colour- tuning lighting allow for easier, less frequent maintenance and higher colour rendering throughout the bus exchange.

Specific lighting requirements included IP 66 wet sealed and vibration rated luminaires while accommodating 347 Volt existing power and incorporating 120 Volt step down transformers, where necessary. Required light levels were met to ensure driver visibility, reduce glare, and increase passenger security. The lighting design was seamlessly integrated alongside existing mechanical services into various elements including the bus loop median, drive aisle, columns, ceiling fold, exterior bench, bike racks, service kiosk, and ferry entrance.

Colour- tuning luminaires were installed to mimic the temperature of the natural lighting throughout the day. Drive aisle and median lighting stays consistently bright for safety considerations while all other luminaires, including those in bus bays and columns, transition from warm to cool temperatures, aligning with the natural circadian rhythm in this human- centric design.

Wayfinding lights encourage movement and intuitively lead pedestrians under the striking pyramidal feature ceiling while RGB and colour- tuning lighting creates visual interest, enveloping commuters into the experience.

Lighting controls include 0- 10V and DMX functionality and were commissioned to provide scenes for the client. A touch panel allows for future adjustments with a user- friendly GUI. The design came in under budget, met illumination requirements, including night sky preservation, and energy requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 2016.

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