LINEARlight RIGID Finesse is the perfect fixture to illuminate as best as possible the environment created by Lighting designers in outdoor application (eg. façade lighting). The unique value proposition for the Finesse system is to blend the flexibility offered by configurable length (from 10cm up to 150cm, steps of 10cm) in a miniaturized cross section (only 25 x 33mm), keeping outstanding optical performance (10° linear optic for wall-grazing to asymmetric 50° linear optic for wall-washing, including other linear optics). The Finesse system allows to operate up to 9m of Linear fixtures (24V constant voltage, daisy-chain interconnection). To provide the maximum fit to the final design requirements, the Finesse offers an extensive selection of CCT, CRI and Luminous Flux (up to 2000lm/m). As any OSRAM system, the Finesse has been internally designed and manufactured to ensure the maximum robustness and reliability (7 Year system warranty) and deploys also the maximum efficacy at higher CRI 90+ by using own LED technology (Quantum Dot). To complete the value proposition of the Finesse platform, several accessories have been developed according to Lighting Designer’s guidelines to allow easy/hidden installation, including OSRAM drivers/controls to provide the ultimate peace of mind for the project Designer.

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