Change the entire look and feel of a room or building: Influence the design, modify the proportions and give dynamicity to every space with the LinearLight Flex Diffuse. Architectural integration, object integration, individual and customised luminaires, curve installations, these are only a few examples. Express your imagination and realise unique installations!

Osram has developed the perfect solution that lets lighting designers, architects and interior designers express their creativity and turn their ideas into reality.

The light output is amazingly uniform, this is the ideal solution where long and continuous light lines are needed.

With the interplay of minimal dimensions and high performance, you can create perfect homogeneous lines of diffuse light without visible points of light.

Thanks to a careful selection of LEDs and single bin sourcing, all LinearLight Flex Diffuse products achieve longlasting homogeneity and constant light output over their entire lifetime.

They can be easily adapted to curve shapes and confined spaces, elegantly reproducing the geometry. Available in a wide range of colour temperatures, the “top” version emitting 800 lumens per metre and “side” version emitting 600 lumens per metre. LinearLight Flex Diffuse LED strips are built with high performance silicone and can be used in extreme weather conditions thanks to the IP67 protection rating.

To complete this excellent quality and high performance system, the combination with Osram Optotronic Constant Voltage Outdoor LED drivers opens new ways for outdoor applications in harsh environments. With a robust, durable design and a full-encapsulated IP67 housing, the final effect is prestigious and the light can be adjusted according to the desired brightness.

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