LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE is a 3D bendable LED module that can be bent in all directions. This extraordiary feature opens a world of possibilities for architectural lighting, both indoors and outdoors, but especially for façade lighting. The BACKBONE was designed to offer an innovative combination of flexibility and lenses, to achieve optimal wall-grazing effects. The available optics allow you to direct the light to achieve optimal uniformity and highlight the material details of walls. These features make the BACKBONE the ideal solution to illuminate profiles, columns and other architectural elements, avoiding the bulkiness that a rigid product could generate.

To meet lighting needs in design or historical environments, where shapes are not always perfectly linear, the market required a product that not only provided excellent lighting quality but also flexibility and appropriate non-invasive optical solutions. The LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE offers both pliability and engineering quality: with LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE, lighting truly becomes the backbone of perfect architectural enhancement. Inventronics BACKBONE can be embedded in architectures disappearing under the building details and allowing structures to be the real protagonists.

LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE drives the lighting industry progress towards less invasive products and respectful to environments and users. Sustainability of lighting products comes through increased efficiency, greater versatility of use, and cannot ignore the respect for natural and historical spaces.

The BACKBONE offers a 3D-bendable minimal design in combination with lenses developed to direct and customize lighting according to spaces and finishes. The lenses are designed so that the light beam is pure and uniform, while the module’s ability to be folded in all directions allows the product to adapt and fade into environments. LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE represents Inventronics expertise in understanding customers needs and new market trends, always providing the best quality and adaptability: that’s why the BACKBONE can also be customized according to needs, both in lenses and colour.

Finally, using optical lenses to reduce glaring results to be less harmful not only for human beings but also for local wildlife in case of outdoor application.

Besides being in line with energy efficiency features of best lighting products in the market, the LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE ensures high installation flexibility and easy dismantling. Its application versatility allows it to be perfectly hidden in structures and to follow buildings profiles, avoiding invasive work that could distort original environments and areas.

Especially for historical and design buildings, where you can often find wall decorations and coatings, LINEARlight Flex BACKBONE comes into play for an easy replacement of older invasive light sources. Plus, different light temperatures and dimming functionalities help to reduce damage risks for photosensitive materials.

The BACKBONE reveals to be the perfect solution for historical and design buildings because it doesn’t require structural interventions in architectures. It can be easily installed via clips, avoiding deep holes or masonry work.
Last but not least, the specifically designed lenses (30° and 60° asymmetrical) contribute to address light exactly where it is needed, avoiding glare: this ensures best comfort both for human beings and wildlife.

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