Light Bureau designed the lighting for the entire Skatepark with the aim to create a sense of security for the users at all hours. The lighting concept is interactive and playful designed to engage the users of the park and enhance the playful atmosphere. The warm and colourful light bathes the concrete surfaces while interactive buttons invite the users to choose between various lighting scenarios. At the same time, good technical qualities and style are carefully fitted to and in tune with the skatepark and its surroundings. The light levels are designed to aid visual orientation both on and around the Skatepark and can be adjusted via the control system.


Light Bureau created the lighting design for the entire skatepark with large intuitive buttons boldly, but safely, gives the users control over the appearance of the light. The buttons are mounted on the distribution cabinet and anyone can activate pre-programmed light scenarios and choose between colourful lights or a technical lighting solution with warm light, which ensures a clear, unobstructed view of the area. Additional coloured light scenarios are available for future events and seasonal holidays, which the municipality can make use of accordingly.


When the skatepark is not in use it is discreetly illuminated with a slowly pulsating, dusty blue and dimmed light, which adds a low-key, yet playful atmosphere, designed to communicate that the park is asleep until a user chooses to activate it. Once the park closes at 11 pm, the lighting is dimmed to express that the park is asleep, and it is no longer possible to activate the light by pressing the buttons. This ensures that activity and accompanying noise are limited to given periods of time, while neighbours and night wanderers are not disturbed by excessive lighting.


A central design element is the 12-metre-high light mast with 14 luminaires mounted on brackets of various lengths. The mast is an installation in itself expressing technique, playfulness and rawness. Its cubic and angular design adds simplicity to the overall expression and becomes a clear landmark in the distance in the otherwise flat and monotonous area.


The masts that surround the skatepark are deliberately tilted 5 degrees to form a contrast to the surrounding lighting in the park, adding a more playful and wild expression to the skate park area. Each of these masts has two luminaires that are placed at different heights. This further emphasizes the tilt of the mast and the playfulness of the skate park.


The lighting equipment and the lighting itself have distinctive visual qualities, and the overall visual expression of the lighting design is created with an aim to strengthen the identity of the entire area, from the City Hall Park to the Skatepark, both during the day and after dark.

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