Introducing LightCell, the pinnacle of suspended linear lighting designed to transform commercial and office environments. Suspended pendants and track mounted lighting have become integral elements in modern offices, serving both as general illumination and task lighting.

LightCell stands out as a visionary solution for lighting designers and architects seeking to create dynamic and visually captivating lit environments. The key to its design lies in the multitude of options it offers, making it an indispensable tool for realising creative visions.

LightCell utilises a groundbreaking Cell structure that provides an extensive range of beam angles giving unparalleled flexibility for designers. You can choose from a selection of standard beam angles including 15, 24, 36, 55, and 75 degrees as well as oval, square beams and Wallwasher options. With a UGR of less than 17, LightCell delivers excellent glare control thereby providing an optimal working environment.

LightCell can be configured to your precise needs by delivering a narrow beam for concentrated task lighting on tables and a wide beam for uniform illumination of the surrounding area from the same fitting. In corridors, you can combine wallwashers on the sides and a narrow beam in the centre to create an inviting and dynamic atmosphere.

LightCell does not stop there. Its dual dimming system opens the door to a myriad of scenes, allowing lighting designers and end-users to achieve the perfect ambiance. For added functionality, sensors such as PIR can be integrated within the slimline profile of the fitting to create responsive and actionable lighting. LightCell can also incorporate integral emergency, making it the comprehensive solution for all your office lighting needs.

LightCell is not just a luminaire; it’s a design statement, a tool for creativity, and a complete lighting solution tailored to the needs of discerning lighting designers and architects. Illuminate your vision with LightCell and elevate the ambiance of every space.

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