Light Stream Player is an innovative architectural lighting control solution that breaks new ground in the world of lighting installations. This standalone controller is ideal for projects that require multiple lighting channels and their automation. Breathe new life into architectural and pixelated lighting projects with this innovative controller.

Key Features of Light Stream Software:

1. RDM support: Light Stream Player provides full RDM support via Art-Net, including Art-RDM. Fast detection of RDM devices ensures reliable monitoring and control of your light installations.
2. Ergonomic: Compact Art-Net playback device with built-in web server for remote control capability.
3. High Performance: With reliable and high-speed eMMC memory and a powerful 4 core-Cortex-A72 processor, Light Stream Player is capable of playing back complex light scenarios at high frame rates (Up to 40 FPS) in real time, allowing your projects to amaze. Allows you to playback up to 200 universes simultaneously. 300 – optional.
4. Web Interface: Light Stream Player has a built-in web interface that allows you to conveniently make necessary settings and remotely manage your installations. Simply connect and make changes to your light show from anywhere in the world.
5. Scheduler: Timed animation playback, including the ability to create one-time, recurring, and holiday playback events.
6. 4G/LTE module: The optional 4G/LTE module allows you to control technical processes from any mobile device. It is the ideal solution for projects where mobility and flexibility are important.
7. DIN rail compatibility: Compact form factor and minimal power requirements make Light Stream Player installation possible anywhere. And it is equipped with a convenient DIN rail mount for panel mounting.
8. Remote control: Remote control of the player via web interface or from your own software via rest and MQTT API.
9. Astronomical Relay: Controls the playback time by sunset and sunrise. Geolocation is specified in the settings.
10. Playlists: You can create playlists of scenes and apply fade-in or smooth transition effects between them.
11. Backup and update: Ability to save settings and update software directly through the web interface.
12. Triggers: Play animation when external events occur. External events can be an external Art-DMX signal or a custom udp-format packet.
13. Automation: You can create complex automation scenarios using Node-RED and industrial automation protocols such as Modbus.

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