In a living context that has undergone dramatic changes over the last year, iGuzzini presents Light Shed: a new intelligent and completely sustainable furnishing accessory that goes beyond light and has been designed to bring well-being to rooms that leave space for creativity and new technologies.

A product with recycled and recyclable materials, Light Shed is an eco-design solution that makes its mark by guaranteeing energy efficiency, and all-round well-being with the possibility of becoming a sound-absorbing panel or integrating intelligent tools, increasing its features beyond mere lighting. Like Blade R, Light Shed makes lighting an element of aesthetic and functional fusion with architecture, and, facilitates people’s well-being, enabling smart safety services, entertainment, comfort and sustainability. This is thanks to its technological central core that can host, as an alternative to the light, a loudspeaker, camera, room sensor and a multi-sensor that monitors movement and lighting conditions.

Made up of an LED source, highly efficient drivers and optics that can achieve excellent Lumen/Watt levels, Light Shed has a control system that allows light to only be used when and where necessary. Indeed, thanks to its BLE-DALI interface, the system can be controlled and each luminaire or lighting setting managed using the iGuzzini Smart Light Control app from your smartphone or the internet, and integrate devices for voice commands. So, thanks to this management, which involves greater energy savings, and is easy to use, the product gains a high mark on the Smart Readiness Index in buildings as indicated in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Thanks to the beacon technology that is part of the BLE-DALI interface, and the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, it is also possible to transmit digital information by activating proximity marketing services (push notifications), indications about the itinerary (indoor navigation) or data on the use of spaces (occupancy/space management) directly on the user’s smartphone. Light Shed can also be controlled manually or by voice command just connecting a speaker with voice assistance via wi-fi (with the bridge).

Light Shed is available in three modular shapes (single square, modular square and linear) that can be installed flush, surface or suspended, allowing design maximum flexibility. The solution adapts to any room thanks to the lightness of its minimalist, neutral shape and makes each room unique. Indeed, the combined modules can be customised by creating ceilings coordinated with the room, to create microcosms in more extensive rooms or with double height or, by choosing the same finishing of the ceiling, to be concealed inside with only the light it gives off being perceivable.
Furthermore, Light Shed’s vast distribution of light emission increases the perception of space by harmonising the luminances on various surfaces, contributing to creating excellent levels of horizontal and vertical lighting, required to create a room that can stimulate people while respecting the Circadian cycles and favouring better mood, productivity and overall well-being.

The Light Shed family consists of, Light Shed 120, Light Shed 60, Light Shed 30, Light Shed 60 dB and Light Shed 14.

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