Light Shed, as well as being a lighting solution, is a furnishing item, ideal for hybrid spaces with different, formal and informal, approaches to work. Light Shed has three modular forms: single square, modular square, and linear. It can be downlight, surface mounted or suspended; the suspended version was developed above all to adapt to new style trends in architecture where false ceilings are no longer popular. Light Shed modules are multi-functional and thereby provide lighting solutions, sound absorption, connectivity or simple decoration.

The rich distribution of light emission increases the perception of space, balancing the luminance over different planes, helping achieve excellent semi-cylindrical, horizontal and vertical lighting levels. A powerful yet comfortable light, offering variable intensity and colour temperatures.

Today’s spaces are multifunctional, with a risk of noise contamination. Light Shed db60 comes with sound-absorbing panels: avoid propagation of sound waves thanks to its ability to transform sound energy into heat.

Light Shed was designed with Ecodesign criteria. 95.6% of its environmental impact derives from its use. High efficiency LEDs (up to 220 lm/W), optimize optics and dissipation to ensure excellent product performance (up to 162 lm/W), technologies that allow the luminous flux to be managed. Light Shed comprises few elements, does not use glues, is easy to remove and can be repaired. Its body is thermoformed (in ABS) and 40% recycled. Packaging is an 84% recycled cardboard box, with a bag made of 100% recycled plastic. Light Shed itself is 100% recyclable and it is manufactured using 100% green energy.
Light Shed has PEP Ecopassport that testifies development and production based on Life Cycle Assessment criteria.

Variable light management optimizes consumption; a remote or integrated Bluetooth-DALI interface or an Organic Response multi-sensor make it possible to manage the system directly from your smartphone using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and the various technologies available. Smart sensors mean that light can be adapted to life in a given setting. The beacons integrated into smart devices allow to send digital information (push notifications and indoor navigation) to smartphones. The Organic Response multi-sensors allow to visualize how space is used and to collect data. Light Shed is designed to integrate a speaker, a video camera or an environmental sensor to ensure that the space is more pleasant and safe.

All the lines have DALI versions controllable with external components: Organic Response Technology, Quick BLE, Master Pro Evo KNX and Quick DALI.

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