Action Fit approached Romano Baratta Lighting Studio to design a gym that would be renowned as the most stunning in Milan, while prioritising psychophysical recovery. The aim was to establish an ideal lighting environment that accentuates not only the physical space but, more importantly, has a key focus on the athletes themselves.

Light Gym sets a new standard in gym lighting, prioritising mental wellness and creating a positive environment through carefully designed and differentiated lighting. Light Gym was illuminated using a striking selection of architectural lighting solutions from formalighting.

Romano Baratta’s selection of colours in this gym’s lighting design is based on extensive research in the fields of psychology, physiology, and anthropology, leveraging their insights into the effects of light on human perception and well-being.

The customer is enveloped in carefully designed lighting from the moment they step into the entrance area, extending all the way to the locker rooms. This deliberate approach ensures that by the time they enter the training area, their mood is primed and conducive to an optimal workout experience.

Specific lighting based on the modulation of white light and coloured light has been set up to complement each physical activity. The cardio area features contrasting blue lighting to facilitate psychological relaxation, allowing individuals to alleviate mental tensions and concentrate on their cardio workouts. The pulsating lighting sets a rhythmic tone, ideal for extreme physical activity. In the cardio area, the lighting not only creates an appropriate atmosphere for physical exercise but also helps alleviate mental tension. While primarily a training space, it is also recognised as a sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief.

The most intense area, known as ‘The Cage’, is characterised by a red-lighting environment designed to elicit the necessary psychophysical response for maximum physical exertion. The weightlifting area is illuminated with warm lighting, transitioning from a hint of blue for lighter weights to a deep red for the heaviest weights, creating an intense ambience befitting the most extreme section of the gym.

In the functional zone, the focus is not on coloured lighting, but rather on utilising alternating areas of light and shadow to enhance activities that require physical coordination and mental focus.

All the lighting scenes and animations have been programmed and pre-set in the Casambi App, where they can be remotely controlled and adjusted by staff to the optimal levels for individual areas within the gym.

The gym’s innovative lighting design prioritises the mental wellness of its clients, resulting in a positive and welcoming environment. By implementing differentiated lighting in various areas based on physical activity, Romano Baratta has elevated the gym experience to a new level.

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