Migrations is a set of two-way digital artworks that uses poetic and abstract generative images to retell the interplay of light and shadow flowing in an afternoon at North Creek Park. The work gives the term ‘light’ a broader definition through the means of mixed media, capturing real-time data such as weather, wind direction, illumination, and more, making of the light’s migration an imaginative journey of enchantingly fluctuating graphics. The different effects and sensations produced by changes in the environment become more than the roaming of light, a dialog with nature in time and space. Data-driven generative art constructs new contexts that merge to form a marvelous atmosphere, creating a strong visual and emotional impact on the viewer.

“The word ‘new’ in ‘new media art’ is quite time-sensitive. ‘New’ denotes a novel language compared to that of the previous era, one that will keep changing with the ongoing iterations of technology.

Using algorithmic modeling, a new computational, procedural language has emerged to combine randomness and the artist’s subjective impulse, to construct co-creative and original works.

We want to give ‘light’ a broader yet more refined definition, one resembling a painter’s brush strokes, bestowing layered and rich details to impress the viewer. At the same time digital works must be defined within the framework of contemporary art, in order to bring fresh visual enjoyment to its audience.”

Specially designed a circular device, the main body of the device is a light guide plate, and then there is a circle of LED light to illuminate it. At the same time, the LED is constantly changing color, and the changing color comes from the particle animation “light drifting” video connected to it, and according to the color analyzed by the video, they are synchronized. In addition, there are some laser dots on the light guide plate, so if you look through the light guide plate, you will see a pixelated image.

The central installation is in the shape of a circular petal, which is interlinked everywhere. The narrow passage gradually tightening inward from the entrance is only lit by the weak light at the top of the central ceiling, creating a mysterious and calm temperament, which attracts us to walk in. The migratory works are presented on the wall, echoing with the circular installation, aiming to break the boundary and reshape the new life in the cycle.

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