Light Connector is an innovative artwork that combines floor projected visuals with interactivity input from the body movement of the audience, who is free to explore the installation with no restraints, recharging people with energy by the playfulness of a shared magical experience.

The main concept is the bringing together of the public, in conscious exploration, to perform visual connections and geometric patterns in between the proxemic space that we are used to modulate in a socially reserved way. This way, barriers between people are brought down, and new forms of interaction emerge. Responsible for activating this interaction, it provides the spontaneous connection, in form of energy, between all.

The visuals and music are designed to respond to the difficult challenge of managing the balance between complexity and number of users, adding more spectacular energy bursts and fluxes of light has more space is available for the audience to have fun with family, friends and strangers.

The artwork has been developed by OCUBO for LUMINA Light Festival 2018.

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