Sometimes intensely coloured, sometimes reflective and sometimes transparent: A work of art comprising standing and hanging elements made of dichroic glass with clear shapes and a sense of poetry. Its colours and shadows change depending on the lighting conditions and from the viewer’s perspective.

The installation is made up of powder-coated steel and dichroic glass segments. The special thing about dichroic glass is that its colour changes in the reflections and shadows, appearing transparent or reflective, depending on the lighting conditions and which way you look at it. The effect of the glass changes with the angle of how the light falls or where the observer happens to be standing.

The installation is designed in such a way that the individual, two-metre high frames are standing at right angles to each other, the width is up to six metres. Vertically, they are divided into three segments that, in irregular sequences, serve as frames for the panes of glass.

Partially rotating dichroic glass elements suspended from the ceiling capture light, reflect and move the light to the screens and the building. This enables visitors to experience a 360-degree composition of light and colours.

Changing light sources from different directions create a variety of coloured graphics on the floor. Depending on the angle, new shadows take shape, making colours appear almost tangible.

As well as the vibrant play of colour, the panes of glass reflect themselves and whatever is around them, creating the infinity of the reflection and mixing new colours.

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