The Liberties table lamp, is part of a new collection from Copperfish Lighting Company handmade using reclaimed timber from an old building in the Liberties area of Dublin.

The Liberties is an old bustling district that sprung up outside Dublin’s old city walls. For hundreds of years, an independent-minded community of merchants, brewers and distillers have thrived here. Much of this area was redeveloped after the great whiskey fire of 1875, when Guinness began building housing for its brewery workers behind Thomas Street.

The focal point of this lamp is a meandering filament which appears to hover in a tubular copper vessel, borrowing from the distillers and brewers that have been at the heart of the Liberties for hundreds of years. The gentle luminesce mirrors against the polished copper housing creating an interplay of light and reflection. The bulb is amber tinted which allows for a beautiful warm glow without any harsh glare.

The timber base, which reveals its long history through indentations and marks in the timber, is made from old beams reclaimed from a building in the Liberties area of Dublin which grounds the lamp, physically and historically and serves as the inspiration for the design. This is typical of Copperfish’s work which uses reclaimed and salvaged timber as the core material in its lamps.

Blurring the lines between art and function, this contemporary design is ideal for placing in a hallway, a living room as a statement piece while providing a soft, ambient light through the amber tinted LED filament style bulb.

To support the circular nature of these designs, the lamp comes with the Copperfish promise of 10 year life span for the fittings and 5 years on all lamps (bulb). Copperfish also offers a lifetime repair service so that its pieces can continue to live on and be passed onto future generations.

Due to the age and condition of the timber used, each piece is worked by hand using 100 year old industrial machinery. Every piece exudes craftsmanship and attention to detail and is made by hand in the Copperfish workshop in Wicklow, Ireland by a small team of craftspeople.

Copperfish was recently the recipient of the Sustainability Award at the Design and Craft Council of Ireland’s annual Creative Expo, “Showcase 2023”.

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