Introducing LED-Linargo, a sophisticated luminaire of unparalleled craftsmanship by ADO Lights. This pendant luminaire stands at the forefront of design, seamlessly merging form with function to illuminate spaces with elegance. Manufactured entirely in Germany, LED-Linargo is synonymous with customization. You can tailor the luminaire to your project’s needs and choose between RGB or RGB-W LEDs, opt for Micro prismatic, Wallwashing, or Batwing optics, and personalize housing colours. Take personalization further by bending the luminaire to a bespoke 1m diameter. Additionally, the integration of spotlights adds a layer of sophistication to your lighting design.

LED-Linargo redefines linear light fittings with its remarkably slim profile of 38 by 80 mm and integrated drivers. The delicate suspenders and a refined supply line contribute to its visual masterpiece status, transcending mere illumination. Dark spots and interruptions are banished, ensuring a seamless flow of light that transforms spaces with a touch of grace. With a standard CRI exceeding 90, LED-Linargo accurately represents colors, delivering a vibrant and immersive lighting experience. The light output offers endless possibilities—choose direct, indirect, or a harmonious blend of both, all separately dimmable and switchable to cater to diverse atmospheres.

At its core, LED-Linargo embodies a commitment to sustainability. With a service life exceeding 72,000 hours at 80% of luminous flux (L80/F10), LED-Linargo is not just a luminaire; it’s a lasting investment in timeless illumination. The easily replaceable LED modules and drivers, coupled with a design that allows for effortless separation into individual parts at the end of its lifecycle, reflect our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

In pursuing excellence, ADO Lights presents LED-Linargo—a sophisticated luminaire that transcends expectations, redefining how we experience light.

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