Chelsom has enjoyed global success over the years, selling hundreds of thousands of LED reading lights for use in the hotel and cruise ship sector. Robert and Will Chelsom wanted to create a new LED reading light collection that was wholly different from any other. It had to fuse original cutting-edge design and aesthetics in order to subtly enhance any interior design scheme whilst being totally flush and seamlessly integrated into a guestroom headboard. And so…LED EYE was born.

The concept of ‘the eye’ evolved with a circular flush perimeter front plate of steel and a sculptured cast aluminium centrepiece acting as an ‘eyelid’. By opening the ‘eyelid’, the eye of the luminaire is revealed and automatically switches on, illuminating and giving a fully focused beam of warm LED light. Significant time, investment and detailed engineering technology went into perfecting the internal rotation system ensuring that the cast centrepiece revolves and rotates with the lightest of touches. The light source swivels 80° left and right and 90° forward to provide a full range of reading light for users on the bed area. The low energy light source at only 1W is colour-tuned to be warm white at 2700 Kelvin. By simply closing the centrepiece, the light is extinguished.

A range of manufacturing techniques have been used to maximise the overall functionality of the product, ensuring the user experience is both simple and smooth. The die-casting of the central aluminium ‘eyelid’ was crucial in giving the LED EYE design its unique look. The curve of the eyelid offers a softness to the style and invites the user to open the product so that the light can illuminate. Months and months of prototyping this central piece alone have resulted in the perfect tactile finish that Robert and Will set out to achieve. On the surface, there is an incredible simplicity about this design, yet the internal mechanics are complex and unprecedented in this product class.

The Chelsom-duo design process was completed within an 18-month period, yielding the final LED EYE product and further pushing the boundaries of guestroom LED reading light design. As the product only projects 5mm from the front of a headboard, it looks as good open and illuminated as it does closed and dormant, something that Robert and Will strived for at the original concept stage. Although sometimes seen purely as a functional accessory, it was always paramount that this reading light looked beautiful and sophisticated when installed. The product comes in different standard finishes; Matt White, Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickel, Satin Black as well as special order combination finishes giving a contrast between the outer front plate and the internal ‘eye’ including Brushed Nickel with Satin Black and Brushed Brass with Satin Black. LED EYE has been carefully designed so that manufacturing costs are kept to a minimum, allowing specification and application across a variety of project budgets.

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