This subterranean residential project was designed by the homeowners themselves as an incredible multiuse space under their unassuming narrow London townhouse.

Stepping down 5m underground, the space is devoid of daylight light, but the brief from the family was very clear; they wanted the feel of a Mediterranean villa with sunlight and moonlight to be able to fill each room. To artificially deliver a circadian rhythm lighting scheme in its most realistic guise.

Flexibility was another key element we kept in mind, in fact the main room was designed to be used by the family as office during the day and a dining/entertaining room in the evening.
The media room also needed flexibility in terms of lighting scenes as it will be used also for hosting parties and relaxing in the evening.

Entering the space an amazing environment greets you during all settings. A curated collection of cutting edge lighting technology combined with clever placement of fixtures may convince any visitor that they are being lit with real sunlight in the day. Powerful dynamic white fittings from iGuzzini mounted high up into the artificial lightwell, create a beam of sunlight/moonlight that follows the projection of the Coelux artificial skylights situated in the dining/office area highlighting the ‘natural’ light effect.

As the day goes by the lighting adjusts through various scenes and colour temperature to follow the natural cycle. In the evening we have the option of simulating a full moon, with cooler light coming from the lightwell in support to the Coelux showing an actual full moon outside ‘in the sky’.

In the media room a combination of tuneable white LED and bespoke Light Cognitive ‘big sky panels’ illuminate a ‘lantern’ in the ceiling. The architectural fittings in the space adapt colour temperature and or dimming levels to dynamically reflect the modes being created throughout the day and night.

This project was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how lighting can be used to create unique spaces, tricking the human eye seeing artificial light as natural, almost to the point of sensing its warmth.

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