The LD1094 is an IP67 rated, high-power, adjustable downlight, designed for exterior projects in harsh environments.

It promises quick and easy on-site focusing through removal of the bezel without ever having to remove the downlight from its installed mounting surface. For designers, this saves a huge amount of time when focusing multiple lights onsite.

Once the LD1094 bezel is removed, adjustments can be made to the direction and position of the optics. With the help of our 3D printed hand tool, the innovative ball joint containing the LED and optics can be rotated 360° and tilted at precise angled increments up to 25° to aid consistency across large projects.

The 25° tilt is especially useful if the mounting area cannot be close to the space requiring illumination. For example, if there is an obstruction then the tilt functionality allows the beam to be focused from a distance to wash the area with light.

Whilst the bezel is removed, modification of the optics can be carried out, switching from a super tight 10° narrow beam to a wide oval beam in an instant. A simple optic holder ring allows the optic to be swapped and held securely back in place once changed. This is particularly beneficial if the wider design scheme is changed in the future and the user would like to place emphasis on a specific object, switch to more general lighting, or just experiment with different lighting effects. With 5 beam angles available, this function provides increased circularity to the products life cycle.

Glare is often associated with high-power downlights, but optics have been deep recessed 25mm within the LD1094 body, resulting in a low UGR of 13.9 from a fitting that delivers up to 755lm. An additional honeycomb louvre is also available to further reduce glare.

For the output that this downlight delivers, the body is incredibly shallow at 67mm and the bezel diameter minimal at 90mm. Though compact, excellent thermal management is maintained and proven with an industry leading LED lifetime figure of L90B5 @ 90,000 hours, in environments with ambient temperatures of -20° to 55°.

Offering colour temperature options of 2200K-5000K, numerous beam angles and a choice of robust machined, marine grade metal or paint finishes, LD1094 provides endless possibilities and flexibility for designers in a multitude of exterior downlighting applications in the harshest environments.

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