Light Cognitive (LC) is a creative lighting design and technology solution that celebrates natural light. Our tailored light installations bring the outdoors in. We offer our clients architectural freedom and unprecedented versatility to implement their vision. LC’s goal is to recreate a connection to nature in the size or shape the client desires, adaptable to any space. This product, LC Oval, launched in spring 2021, is a product inspired by Light Cognitive’s celebrated Oculus skylight. Our clients and architects expressed a need for elongated, smooth and rounded shapes for varying interiors. LC developed an optimized light program that comes with each LC Oval product. The light product can simulate daylight rotation and give a natural feel at any time of day or year. In addition, various static light scenes can be selected. We provide control by Bluetooth and advanced automation solutions.

LC Oval is a source of beautiful light, evoking an infinite sky. LC recreates the sensation of openness even in the most enclosed spaces. Light Cognitive’s spectrally ground-breaking lighting has close-to-perfect colour-rendering ability. Thanks to a large light surface the generated light is diffuse, and the lighting in space is even and without apparent shadows. LC product delivers a realistic sky views that follow the light cycle from dawn to dusk, with the precise spectral qualities of natural light.

The goal is to create lighting that can bring the happy feeling you get from a beautiful morning, clear sunny day or a stunning sunrise. You don’t just see it, you feel it. We know how much light affects one’s mood and biology – day cycle, sleep, health. Right light at the right time enhances our well-being, productivity, and alertness.

We believe that design should fit fluently to its surroundings, and technology should be pervasive and effortless. The result is a beautiful, vibrant skylight that can transform the ambiance of the room. This kind of lighting products have an enormous impact on what we can do with space planning and how we can improve all spaces.

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