This project is a symphony derived from a highly detailed design interior, art pieces, design structures and integrated lighting . this harmony resulted in an oasis of views that spans over the entire environment of L’Atelier Joel Robuchon restaurant to create a new dining experience that the clientele would seek to endeavour.

A series of high precision low glare recessed spotlights illuminate the top of the main counter overlooking the show kitchen while another set of very refined miniature LED strips light up and greys the surface of the noble material below the leather texture with the marble gets promoted with this soft wash off light

Another set of lights punctually positioned inside the tree structure, which is a metallic branch system that runs over the entire ceiling of the restaurant. those will pinpoint every table and give it the appropriate accent which is balanced by a rechargeable table light. the structure also plays a role in illuminating the leaves of the tree which is a very fine artwork designed by and executed by Jacopo Foggini. those will create the main feature that filters light into the restaurant and gives it its charming warm reddish ambience.

In order to entertain an extended program of nightlife, the outdoor terrace is crowned with a custom designed structure that resembles a tree hanging upside down with highly technical light boxes playing the role of animated lit fruits. The background of this set up plays against handcrafted vine plants made from crafted bronze, by Philip Pasquale, that are implanted in the flowerbeds and washed with a soft light that makes them glitter in the backdrop.

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