Laser Blade Space: iGuzzini’s iconic recessed light has evolved, lending a spacious effect to surroundings.

The first linear recessed light in the world with circular distribution and launched for the first time in 2012, Laser Blade has now further evolved by adding the Laser Blade Space version to its range, which is ideal for general lighting in retail and hospitality & living environments. Indeed, with Opti Diamond optics, Laser Blade Space lends a spacious effect to the surroundings, guaranteeing a high level of constant visual comfort. Available in minimal or frame versions, in two finishings (black or white) and with various colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Tunable White), Laser Blade Space helps blend in to the surroundings and can be controlled from the iGuzzini Smart Light Control app thanks to the BLE-DALI interface that also activates the Smart Services.

The new patented Opti Diamond optics is the result of careful research into materials, engineering and processing that optimises the catadioptric principle combining reflection and refraction in a single system ensuring an exceptionally sharp light, similar to that of a diamond.

Made in thermoplastic materials, Opti-diamond uses the catadioptric principle, that means combining reflection and refraction in one system. Patent Pending. Designed and made in Recanati (IT), not metallized hence 100% recyclable.

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