“Everyone understands the fascination of a full moon. Transferring the special aura of this natural phenomenon to a man-made luminaire was the focus of our development process for LANOS. The result is two luminaires in one. On the one hand, the architectural circular luminaire with flat, functional light and on the other, the poetic light ring for atmospheric scenarios with low light output. In both cases, the luminaire is framed by a delicate, offset border that makes the light surface appear elegantly suspended.

A luminaire like a celestial body.”

Clean lines, subtle elegance, and impressive versatility are the hallmarks of the range.

The outer edge and the circular interior of the LED panel form a visually seamless whole but can be controlled and dimmed separately. This halo effect blends into a wide range of lighting concepts – from hospitals and care homes to hotels and guesthouses, to the hallways and stairwells of office buildings, schools and universities.

An eye-catching addition to any scheme.

We have paid maximum attention to the user’s comfort. As a believer in the interaction of natural daylight and the human eye, we have integrated SPECTRUM technology to harmonise the light spectrum. This reduces the intensity of the blue wavelengths to imitate natural light, delivering improved visual comfort for users.

In addition, LANOS also offers high colour fidelity (CRI 90) and excellent glare control (UGR < 19) – optimum comfort and light quality. The light colour and intensity can be combined using LANOS’ innovative controls and tunableWhite technology. So, office, care and hospitality staff have the functionality to adjust the lighting to their requirements with colour temperatures from warm white (2700 K) to daylight white (6500 K).

The range follows the principles of demand-based lighting – using light only when needed – making it highly efficient. Designers can opt for DALI, with either the on/off or dimming function, alternatively via Bluetooth.
In corridor mode, the narrow, individually controllable light ring functions as a nightlight. When the interior LED panel is switched off, the outer ring of LEDs generate light at only 20 per cent power – enough light for people to orientate themselves around a room and find their way.

If a user walks past, a microwave sensor detects the motion and activates the interior of the luminaire. The light output of 100 per cent then ensures perfect visibility. The sensor detects when the user has left the area, dims the interior LED panel and turns it off completely.

There are various customisable options to help it seamlessly integrate into many interiors.

• Housing is available in five colours, (Black, White, Silver, Bronze and Anthracite)
• Three diameters 320, 400 or 500 mm
• Three mounting options: pendant, ceiling or wall-mounted
• Two optics: opal for cosy diffuse light, LRO optic for low glare

With its versatile design, application and installation options, LANOS is the perfect luminaire to provide an elegant, functional, and energy-efficient focal point in any modern commercial building.

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