The Lance series, are a new range of high performing, direct/indirect, outdoor wall mounted luminaires that are available in 4 and 6-inch aperture sizes. It has a direct/indirect combined lumen package range of 1,314 to 10,018 lumens, making it not only powerful enough for variety of projects, but also offers uniform shielded light to create strong visual rhythm within a space. The Lance series has both decorative and functional forms in perfect balance and is currently the highest performing outdoor direct/indirect wall luminaire currently available in the North American market.

The Lance series is designed to withstand the harshest of environments, being IP 65 – wet location listed, and is available with a Natatorium finish for swimming pool applications, and a Marine grade finish for near-shore applications.

Everything about the Lance series is built to last inside and out, which is also why we designed the driver to be non-integral and instead located inside the wall mount bracket, to provide better heat dissipation for higher performance, and better on-site serviceability.

A particular highlight is the Lance 6, readily available in a very rare W+RGB Direct/Indirect configuration controlled by DMX. This option gives the designer unlimited possibilities, with options that give you RGBW color temperatures for both direct/indirect, as well as White direct and RGB indirect, or vice versa.

A custom factory set is also available to allow all 4 colors (W+RGB) to be individually controlled, giving you an 8-channel DMX fixture. In this W+RGB configuration, the Lance 6 is also the highest performing RGBW outdoor up/down wall luminaire of its size. This unique option is great for architectural branding that make a bold after-dark statement.

Lance Series Highlights:

1. Available in 4 and 6-inch aperture sizes
2. Delivered lumen package range of 1,314 lm to 10,018 lm
3. Wide range of beam angle options from narrow 15° to wide 100°
4. High Color Rendering Index of 85 and 93 CRI for Indoor applications
5. Color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500 K and 4000K, Na (Sodium)
6. W+RGB Color Changing Compatible
7. Forward Throw, Wall Wash and Linear Optics
8. Dual Switching compatible (Individual Up/Down controls)

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