Rebel Overlay LTD alongside 19Mil LTD was approached by La – Roux and her management to design and produce a bespoke neon inspired backdrop for her upcoming “International Woman Of Leisure” tour heading out on dates in Europe and the US in 2020. Inspired by the neon work of Nanda Vido, an Italian artist who unfortunately passed away in May 2020, the neon backdrop brief was to produce a fun and exciting lighting concept that could be durable and dismantable to be toured, while also being unique and dynamic enough to change the look at feel of it for each song throughout a concert. The fnished product uses Neon + technology, that consists of thick, routered acrylic CNC cut to the design and lit with addressable LED inside. The final construction consists of 8 panels, 1m x 2.5m that are connected and bolted together in their aluminium frames. The manufacture of the piece was undertaken by Sign of the Times Ltd – UK.

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