Marking its 100th anniversary, the renowned La Mamounia hotel, situated opposite the Kutubiyya Mosque in Marrakesh, has revealed newly refurbished interiors this October. Lasvit, known for bespoke lighting installations, created three hand-made lighting pieces for this legendary location.

Collaborating with French design studio Jouin Manku, these new installations are a tribute to Moroccan tradition with a touch of global sophistication. An impressive near-nine-meter-long chandelier dominates the lobby.

The lobby of La Mamounia sets a majestic scene. The vision of Jouin Manku was brought to life with “Le Chandelier du Centenaire,” a striking lighting installation suspended less than a metre above the ground at the lobby’s heart. With its intricate design, this chandelier honours the art, traditions, and especially the Berber women of Morocco, drawing inspiration from traditional Berber necklaces.

The installation resembles two intertwined necklaces and incorporates an extensive 300 meters of electrified cables braided in red strings —a colour of profound significance to the Berber community.

The glass elements, evoking the beads on these strands, are individually hand-blown and hand-shaped in Lasvit’s Czech glassworks. The installation comprises 3000 of such pieces in three sizes and eight distinct finishes. Some glass elements are braided in red to echo a traditional necklace, while others use silver to accentuate the crystal sparkle.

Central to the chandelier are braided red cords adorned with authentic Berber silver pendants crafted by Moroccan artisans to underscore the cultural significance of the piece. The chandelier is connected to two lighting circuits, allowing a combination of lighting effects to highlight its intricate details.

Entering La Mamounia’s hall, guests are immediately drawn to this design piece, a testament to Lasvit’s detailed craftsmanship and Jouin Manku’s commitment to storytelling through design.

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