The renovation of the iconic Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech, orchestrated by the new design of Jouin Manku, stage one of its most striking elements, the huge chandelier in the Tea Room. The design of this extraordinary object was born from the triple collaboration between Jouin Manku as designer, Voyons Voir as lighting designer and Lasvit as manufacturer.

This stunning glass chandelier is set above a mirror fountain in the centre of the room, designed in a typical Moroccan architecture: one central room with double height volume surrounded by columns, topped with a wooden dome, a perfect testimony of local craftsmanship.

Composed of hundreds of glass pieces, this 5.70-meter high, 2.65-meter wide chandelier draws all eyes when entering La Mamounia. This object has been designed as the focus point from the entrance gallery.

The lighting design concept of Voyons Voir aims at avoiding any visible light source, allowing the chandelier to sparkle from the inside. Light sources are hidden on top of the glass edge, allowing the glass to spread the light.

Two types of glasses were used: a clear glass and a textured glass. This treatment gives two different results in lighting:

* clear glass to let the light shine through and reflect the triangular shape of each piece of glass.

* textured glass composed with a “bubble air” treatment to hold the light inside and give the chandelier an internal lighting aura.

These two different glass effects are harmoniously blended together to create a glittering visual impression. The glossy marble floor of the room allows to see the reflection of the chandelier, as if it were is coming out to the floor itself.

In addition to the lighting of the glass structure, some narrow beam spots within the chandelier disperse glass reflections around the room. On the top part of the chandelier, some hidden projectors with wide beam spots light up the wood dome.

The result is a massive glass chandelier giving a perfect visual comfort and delight to the eye, for the guests to gasp and revel upon their arrival at La Mamounia or during teatime.

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