The KWH floodlight, projector and column projector series of luminaires from LIGMAN is produced in three sizes with four, six, or eight LED modules housed in a unique sculptured profile. Each size is available in single or twin head version for increased power. The heads themselves can be individually tilted, aimed and locked for added flexibility.

There are five lighting distributions available as standard: elliptical, narrow, medium, wide and very wide. However for projects requiring a specific optical solution, LIGMAN MicroVOS™ (Micro Variable Optical System) technology enables the beam to be tailored for each unique application.

When considering the DMX/RDM dynamic lighting RGBW option, Tunable White is now available. Until recently the white LED had to be a fixed predetermined colour temperature, such as warm white or cool white, however thanks to tunable white technology this is no longer a limitation. RGBTW – short for Red, Green, Blue, and Tunable White – gives the facility of not only dialling a specific hue through the use of RGB lamps, but tune in the colour temperate of their white light source. Which is very advantageous in locations where the artificial lighting supplements the daylight.

The versatile KWH series is the latest addition to the LIGMAN range of optical and professional lighting solutions for building and area lighting.

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