KOKOS is a recessed indoor lighting fixture, which combines elegance with power.

Incorporating precision machining, electronics and LED technology. KOKOS delivers: 659lm at 6.5 W. The discreet 24mm Ø opening provides aesthetic light, for installation on plasterboard ceilings without glare.

Designed for ceilings with limited space >35mm. KOKOS is especially applicable due to its extremely low elevation 31mm

The base is installed on the plasterboard ceiling ,leaving a discreet 26mm Ø opening. The light source is encapsulated in the base and can be mounted/dismounted by simply pushing / pulling the shell with the help of ones finger.

The light source is then powered with a wireless magnetic connector producing a state of the art technical product.

The light source is extractable and replacable in case of maintnance or upgrading while the device body is fully recycable.

Opening: Ø24mm.
Base: Ø70mmxH43mm.

Light source: Power LED
6W, 700mA, 659lm,
CCT: 2700K-4000K

Reflector: 20˚, 40˚

Driver: Remote, dimmable DALI, 1-10v

Customization available on demand.

Finish : Custom RAL code(for matching mounting surface).
Material: anodised machined aluminium,

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