The Kimpton Vividora hotel is just inside the Old Quarter of Barcelona. The refurbishment of an older classical style required a new interior design to create a Boutique Hotel.

The four main areas we worked on were the lobby access, bar and mezzanine; restaurant; rooms and corridors; and the roof terrace.

The lighting design was treated as a dialogue with the interior design which would transmit values related to the colors of the city: luminous spaces with reflections and details connected to the Mediterranean. The hotel branding was designed to promote the integration of visitors with the local people.

The lobby bar receives the guest with brightness from the decorative luminaires in the double-height area and over the bar, together with reflections from the wall tiles by using integrated luminaires. High CRI warm LED lighting communicates the vibrancy of the colors used, generating a pleasing, comfortable and embracing ambience. The lighting design emphasizes the composition of the materials, inviting relaxation and socializing among guests and local people. On the Mezzanine the reception desks are accentuated with light from decorative luminaires and accent lighting.

In the restaurant on the second floor the idea was to produce an atmosphere with the sensation of an open window letting in the warm Mediterranean light. A space that allows the user to enjoy this fresh sensation from morning to dusk. Using programmed lighting scenes the light contrast is modified as different light levels are combined: general ambience, decorative wall lighting and spot lighting for each table, playing with color temperatures of between 2700ºK to 3000ºK. The breakfast area is emblematic, lit with decorative luminaries over the serving area and small LEDs integrated in the furniture giving an expressive and elegant scene.

The rooms were lit to give a mix of soft contrasting sensations with decorative luminaries and accent lighting with the emphasis on tranquility. The light and the materials complement each other to provide a relaxing space. The corridors were lit with integrated down-lights focusing particularly on the mixed ceramic tiles.

Soft lighting on the Roof Terrace was used to produce a connection to the night. Subtle nuances of warm light produced by integrated LEDs in the furniture generate a cozy atmosphere where guests can have a drink under the night sky of Barcelona

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