A new wellness department was designed for Kilkenny Shop’s flagship store in Dublin’s Nassau Street to showcase the range of wellness products that Kilkenny Shop stocks – this includes a selection of organic and natural toiletries including soaps, handwashes, moisturisers etc. The wellness area design reflected this theme focusing on natural materials including copper and natural stone. The brief was to design lighting that would highlight and enhance this important area within the shop.

Copper sinks with full working taps were planned for display area to enable customers to test and trial products, however, during installation the design team learnt that they couldn’t bring water pipes underneath and that they would have to feed them in from the ceiling. The concern was that this would not be aesthetically pleasing and the team considered abandoning the idea of a working tap and sink. We were able to come up with a solution that took advantage of this pipework and we created our lighting display around this.

We covered the existing water/waste pipes with 7 inch copper piping thereby disguising them underneath. Then using plumbing fittings and beautiful 75cm long LED bulbs, we wired and connected them from ceiling to display area. We also created a bespoke, working tap so that the whole unit was aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

The whole piece works together as a unit and the resulting design is dramatic, eye catching and draws the visitor in yet still ties in with the overall theme which is natural and organic. The LED bulbs while being contemporary in design are amber tinted and low lumen meaning that they complement the wellbeing aspect of this design as opposed to being a dominant presence in the overall design.

From the street, the display is impressive and ultimately does the job of drawing visitors in to see the beautiful products on display in a relaxing, warm and inviting wellness department.

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